Why consider managed services?

Managed services deliver a higher level of service both in cost and performance optimization than typical public cloud providers can not do. It’s not easy for them. They are built for high volume and have tens of thousands of employee overhead. There are thousands of managed service providers or MSPs who offer a viable alternative to the hyperscalers and the power they wield over their customer base.

What is Enzu Managed Services?

Simply put, Enzu provides the value and performance organizations are looking for. IT Budgets are tight and custom designed managed services operating with automation and data center, OS, and application best practices deliver the highest value at the lowest cost. Enzu focuses on your infrastructure so you can focus on your customers. Enzu managed services include IaaS, Security (DDoS, ransom ware, etc), Storage, Backup and DR as a Service as well as Cloud Migration and Application Modernization. 

How does Enzu Managed Services work?

First and foremost it’s a trusted partnership between Enzu and our customers. Enzu cloud engineering listens to the challenges that our customers have and we design highly efficient technical solutions to overcome them. 

What makes Enzu so unique?

Our network expertise. With over 1.2 Tera bits per second of capacity, Enzu has the scale of the hypersalers without the overhead. Enzu is also a family owned and operated business based in the United States of America. So Enzu focuses on delivering value and providing quality services that are custom for each business to ensure the optimal cost/performance ratio is maintained over time. 

What types of companies use Enzu Managed Services?

Companies from industries that are growing and need affordable scalability or due to complexities of infrastructure and applications seek to allow a focused 3rd party deliver it for them. Retail, Financial Services, Technology, and Manufacturing all fit in this category. Of course digital companies that seek massive scalability seek out Enzu as they are confident Enzu will provide it at a reasonable price. 

What is driving the increasing use of Managed Services?

COMPLEXITY. While many companies invest heavily in cloud they also waste a great deal of money. They aren’t efficient at it. Add the consumption gap, what you are paying for and the actual technical services your staff and business consumes and it’s easy to waste up to 30% of your IT budget annually. To stop this waste, Enzu custom fits the infrastructure and manages it with best practices with highly trained and laser focused technical engineers. Years of cloud, network, compute and storage expertise ensure every penny of IT budget is utilized. 

Cloud-based computing also is prompting more businesses to consider managed services. As your company embraces IT systems outside of your data centers, you still want your applications and data to run like they’re in-house. That’s what high quality managed service providers do. Make the complex simple and efficient. 

What are the benefits of Enzu Managed Services?

As noted earlier, there are two primary benefits of using Enzu Managed Services:

  • Improved user experience by reducing latency and accelerating business IT performance
  • Reduced costs from offloading to third-party infrastructure who are experts at network, compute and storage

But there are also several other key benefits of employing Enzu Managed Services, including:

  • Trusted Advisor: Since Enzu will become extensively familiar with your business and your systems over time, you can count on knowledgeable service that is ready to assist your business at a moment’s notice.
  • Greater scale by offloading traffic from your core data center to a third-party network
  • Greater uptime by managing spikes in traffic that can overwhelm your system, causing outages and downtime
  • Enhanced security by constant analyzing web traffic for suspicious activity, blocking malicious traffic and mitigating DDOS attacks
  • Optimized website by analyzing real-time data on traffic, page visits, popular assets, etc., which can improve conversion rates
  • Improved SEO by speeding load times, which search engines algorithms regard favorably
  • Increased reliability by routing traffic to the nearest server that’s available to process the request (even if your origin server is down)
  • Global reach with points of presence around the world

Ready to get a quote?

You should consider seeing a demo or getting a quote for your next cloud project if…

  • You want to be confident your IT budget is being spent wisely
  • You’re already having cloud performance issues
  • You are worried about your data
  • Downtime will interrupt your revenue streams
  • You want to delay or avoid buying more infrastructure by offloading traffic
  • You want to guard against cyberattacks


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