Ready to get out of the data center business? You’re not alone. Digital transformation has resulted in a surge in cloud, mobile, IoT and Big Data technologies that have organizations struggling to store and manage it all. Once upon a time, it might have made sense to locate all of your technology assets on-premises. But if you’re like most companies we talk to, your IT team is wasting valuable time managing outdated infrastructure instead of focusing on the strategic initiatives that will help grow your business. A custom colocation solution can help you maximize your resources, lower your costs and achieve your business goals faster. Need more convincing? Here are six reasons to outsource your data center.

  1. Reduce your overhead costs

Let’s face it – data centers are expensive. While you already may have your own facility and equipment, you still pay for overhead costs, such as powering, heating and cooling your data center. By renting space in a colocation facility, you share the cost of these expenses with other companies.

  1. Maximize your IT resources

Maintaining a data center requires a lot of time and multiple skill sets, which can put a strain on lean IT teams. A colocation solution gives you access to data center experts who provide 24/7/365 support, monitoring and management of the facility and, if needed, your equipment. This frees your IT team to focus their time and expertise on other priorities.

  1. Scale smartly

Many companies don’t want to invest in building and maintaining their own data centers since they may need to spin up or draw back capacity based on market demands (i.e., Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping), short-term testing or short-lived business initiatives. Rather than build a new data center that can cost thousands of dollars per square foot, colocation allows you to resources systems according to demand. This allows you to scale smartly and pay only for the assets you use.

  1. Expand your footprint

Going global? It won’t be easy if your technology assets are confined to your existing data centers. The best colocation providers have enterprise-class facilities located strategically throughout world, providing you with global reach in key financial and technology markets.

  1. Protect your mission-critical data

Don’t expect it just to work out for you if you move to the cloud. Even cloud vendor outdated infrastructure leaves your business-critical data vulnerable to breaches and cyberattacks. Hyperscalers have single points of failure (SPOFs) that can bring an entire region or coast line down. An experienced cloud vendor constantly monitors networks for potentially malicious activity. Look for 100% availability guarantees and specialized 24/7/365 support. Make sure you don’t make these 9 common cloud mistakes either or stick with AWS forever. 

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  1. Increase performance

Investing in network upgrades is expensive and time-consuming. A colocation solution allows you to take advantage of increased bandwidth capacity and advanced cross-connect options – delivering the performance you need at a lower cost.


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