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Enzu Network Services

The growing connectedness of our world cannot be overstated. Literally, everything – people, processes and things – are being networked. Always-on connections make it easier for us to work wherever and whenever we want, manage and monitor systems remotely, automate more routine functions, and more.


Highly Available, Reliable & Secure Connections

Your business’ growing dependence on connectivity means you need to make sure its highly available, reliable and secure. This is especially critical with the rising use of bandwidth-sensitive applications, such as:


We can help by connecting your IT infrastructure to vital network services backed by our industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs).

Experience Enzu’s Suite of Network Services

Global IP Transit Service

Access your mission-critical systems and applications over the Internet with our multicarrier access to the world’s leading IP backbones at better-than-direct pricing.

Content Delivery Network 

Improve user experience, boost productivity and drive revenue by delivering content – website, e-store applications or media – at the highest download speeds.

Internet Exchange Service

Reduce IP transit costs while improving network performance by leveraging our direct connections to Internet Exchange points around the world.

Metro Connect Service

Access critical resources – service providers and enterprise clients – with our dedicated connections between carrier hotels or data centers in the same metro area.

Get Connected Securely, Swiftly & Affordably

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