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Enzu Enterprise DDOS Protection & Mitigation Services

Today’s cyber criminals use sophisticated methods to wreak havoc on companies’ IT systems. Public Enemy No. 1: distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Hackers deploy DDoS attacks to deny legitimate users access to your systems by overwhelming them with illegitimate requests. These attacks have become harder to defend against as hackers shift their focus away from network and transport to applications. As the size of these attacks continues to grow, we can help you shore up your DDoS defenses.

How It Works

Enzu’s Enterprise DDoS Protection & Mitigation Services defend against common flood attacks as well as complex Layer 4-7 protocol and application attacks.

We observe assaults at the network border and route traffic to our on-site traffic scrubber.

Using heuristic filtering, our traffic scrubber analyzes the origin and nature of traffic packets.

Our traffic scrubber identifies and drops malicious traffic.

Legitimate traffic is permitted to pass through the filter to your server.

Bottom Line:

Critical services remain online and available, even during an attack.

Experience the Advantages of Enzu Enterprise DDOS Protection:

  • Layer 4-7 protection
  • 100+ Gbps capacity
  • Instant protection
  • Global availability

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