Scale Bandwidth Smartly

Internet Exchange Service

Enzu has established peering relationships at major Internet Exchanges where ISPs, carriers, web hosting providers, content providers and enterprises exchange IP traffic without incurring additional IP transit charges. By connecting to these Internet Exchanges, Enzu gives you access to a competitive marketplace for capacity, which offers many benefits such as reduced costs and improved performance critical for bandwidth-sensitive applications.

  • Reserve gigabit port speeds ranging from 1Gbps to 10Gbps and even 100Gbps in some markets.
  • Upgrade port speeds whenever your bandwidth needs change.

Experience the Advantages of Enzu’s Internet Exchange Service:

  • Speed data transfer with higher capacity connections
  • Shrink transit purchase costs
  • Lower your cost per Mbps
  • Lessen the risk of any single provider’s failure
  • Reduce round-trip delays and latency
  • Simplify your ability to scale bandwidth

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