When you are running data centers things can become shall we say delicately, a bit uncomfortable. I had the pleasure of running a few that supported millions of people’s retirement savings accounts. When millions of people can’t access their money, things can get very stressful for both parties involved. Thankfully we understood our purpose and outages of any kind were few and far between. And our response was even better than our preparation. Why was that? It was because the executive leaders of the financial institutions I worked for understood the importance of technology in meeting their strategic goals. Smart executives today are focused on their IT organization’s capabilities. Investing in technology is critical to deliver high quality business outcomes. To do this IT budgets must be split between purchasing the technology itself and the experts to operate it. 

Today technology changes so quickly that it often becomes a challenge for businesses to manage both the technology stack, a fully functioning IT department and their key business functions. The complexity of IT has caused a massive increase in the demand for  managed cloud services. Managed services is a powerful solution to optimize costs and performance for dynamic businesses. A managed cloud services expert can help architect and operate the right-sized infrastructure for businesses more cost effectively than the business themselves. To do this a managed services provider must have deep expertise in computing, storage and most importantly global networking experience. If a managed services provider has these skills and can optimize across storage, compute and networking domains, they enable the business to deliver the best customer experience and meet growing demand. 

A great cloud provider makes it look so easy, yet there is so much going on all at once to keep businesses running. It’s kind of like me on a perfect ski day.  As I attempt to fly down the mountain I take for granted the awesome technology that brought me to the top of the mountain and the materials around my feet to keep me moving safely.  It looks like this:

It’s fun to just let go and not really think about anything else. But that is not really good for the long term. To keep at high performance you must maintain and focus on the technology that is making it happen. When you don’t pay enough attention to the fundamental technology, like maybe keeping your ski bindings too lose to protect your knees, it can looks like this: 

Morale of the story is to have high performance you must have the greatest focus on the systems providing it. For businesses, now is  a good time to consider managed services. Book a free consultation now with a proven born-on-cloud managed services leader.