If you knew what this means then I’m speaking to you. There are so many great ways to spend money this time of year. Charities, family, strangers, yourself. But one thing that makes no sense is to waste money on is SW or HW maintenance. Because you know the whole thing is going EOL (End of Life) soon enough. 

It’s running fine so it’s steady as she goes for a while. Business is happy or they just haven’t really noticed. Then all of a sudden, full stop, IT goes EOSL (End of Service Life). Now if something goes wrong or systems needs patching, you can’t do it. You can’t call support. You are alone on a technology island. You and your customers are stuck in a moment in time. Now the business and IT’s reputation is totally SOL.

No one has to get stuck with EOL or EOSL technology. Enzu can deliver a right-sized, hybrid cloud environment consumed as a service that makes every business go faster with less downtime than public cloud.

Give your business the gift of surprisingly affordable Enzu TruCloud this holiday season and you will be sure to have a prosperous New Year. And say good bye to worrying about those annoying EOL and EOSL notifications forever.