At Enzu, we care about our customers professionally and personally. We treat each customer like family and do whatever we can to deliver the highest quality cloud services. It’s because IT leaders are hero’s and they deserve to be supported and appreciated. We feel the same way about the communities in which we serve.

Recently our president and founder, Steve Empie, went to a central Detroit non-profit outreach organization to donate some used laptops and office equipment. Central Detroit Christian Community Development (CDCCD) is an organization striving to make a difference in the lives of Detroit’s citizens. CDCCD exists to empower people and create positive opportunities in the central Detroit Community. They do this through education, employment & economic development. It’s critically important during these trying economic times that we support our communities especially in the critical function of developing our young adults.

Today’s global youth have gone through an extraordinary time and have been forced to adapt and sacrifice much of their development and social lives for well over a year now. Providing opportunity and technology to the Detroit community will benefit both the children and their parents. 

As a family valued-based business, Enzu is honored to support such a worthy cause and the Detroit community which it serves and will continue to do so any way we can. 

Making a Difference in people's lives.