Sidestep Public Cloud Sticker Shock

As you plan your cloud investments, count on Enzu for transparent pricing with no hidden costs and no surprises as you scale!

What's the Best IT Infrastructure for You?

Consult with our experienced “born in the cloud” specialists who can help you architect the best solution for your current and future needs.

Build Your Cloud, Your Way

With our TruCloud® Build-to-Order Private Cloud Platform, you select the compute, storage, networking and applications you need.

Why Enzu?

Enzu offers flexible, scalable and affordable enterprise-class cloud computing solutions that empower companies to drive innovation and digital transformation. Our “born in the cloud” experts create custom solutions that meet our clients’ unique requirements while reducing risk and complexity.

Enzu Delivers

Cloud Expertise

Our experienced cloud solution advisers can help you architect the best cloud for your current and future needs, including hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Managed Services

We offer turnkey, fully managed hosting solutions for your software on custom, optimized cloud platforms.

Global Footprint

Enterprise solutions in SSAE16 data centers on six continents, increase performance and accessibility for your business.

Built-In Compliance

Our solutions are engineered to meet stringent audit and compliance requirements for HIPAA, SAS70/SSAE16, PCI and more.

No Hidden Costs

We offer transparent pricing for our services, so as you scale your IT infrastructure, there are no surprises!

Built-In Compliance

Our solutions are engineered to meet stringent audit and compliance requirements for HIPAA, SAS70/SSAE16, PCI and more.

Always-on Connectivity

With internet capacity that exceeds 200Gbps, we provide more connections to more carriers, ensuring the highest speeds and lowest latencies to every market.

Our Services

Flexible, scalable and affordable enterprise-class IT infrastructure solutions

Bare Metal Servers

Predictable, high-powered performance for the most demanding workloads, deployed and managed in minutes via our APEX portal

Cloud Services

Private and hybrid cloud solutions purpose built for your unique requirements and backed by the industry’s tightest SLAs

Disaster Recovery

Cloud replication, backup and hosting across eight strategically located global data centers to safeguard business-critical assets


Customizable configurations for your hardware deployment in any of our eight strategically located data centers around the world

Managed Services

Your critical IT infrastructure and/or applications backed by our industry-leading SLA and our team of highly skilled support engineers 24/7/365

Network Services

A proprietary blend of global bandwidth providers without the hassle of complex and expensive contracts with traditional telcos

Our Blog

6 Reasons to Outsource Your Data Center

6 Reasons to Outsource Your Data Center

Ready to get out of the data center business? You’re not alone. Many companies are wasting valuable time managing outdated infrastructure instead of focusing on the strategic initiatives that will help grow their businesses. A custom colocation solution can help. Here are six reasons to outsource your data center.

Avoid Public Cloud Sticker Shock

Avoid Public Cloud Sticker Shock

Public cloud services from companies like Amazon Web Services and Azure have allowed businesses to rapidly deploy applications at low costs. However, they’ve also given IT leaders (and their CFOs) a serious case of sticker shock. If your monthly public cloud bill leaves you wondering why your costs are so high, read on to learn about some common “gotchas” to avoid.

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