Enzu Storage as a Service
NVMe-based Block, Object, NFS, CIFS and More

Unplanned disruptions, out of capacity, cyberattacks, natural disasters or human error – can put your business-critical data in jeopardy. You also need to protect these assets against “planned disruptions” that can occur as your business grows – whether from mergers and acquisitions, data center consolidation, or routine system maintenance and upgrades. Since downtime is never an option, consider Enzu Storage as a Service.

Storage Services Engineered For Digital Business

Choose from range of solutions that protect your data, your workloads or your complete computing environment.

High Performing Block Storage

NVMe Block Storage provides highest performance and flexilibity in uses cases.  From 100 TeraBytes to 100 PetaBytes – Enzu can scale your storage environment as you need.

Scalable NAS Subscription Service 

Meet new remote user demand fo file space without worrying about running out of disk space. Activate capacity seamless on-demand.

Object Storage For Unstructured Files Systems

Get guaranteed 100% uptime of large file objects with failover of your storage environment to a replicated data center in our off-site facility.


Get Back to Business Fast

We can replicate your data and applications with failover and failback capabilities to bring your systems back online to meet your:

  • Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) – how long you can be without access to critical workloads
  • Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) – how much data loss your business can tolerate

The Enzu Customer Portal makes data restores simple while providing you detailed reports on backup and recovery activities.And, we stand by our performance with the industry’s tightest SLAs.

Enzu Storage as a Service (STaaS) with Off-site Continuous Data Protection

True continuous data protection (CDP) replicates data in real-time with no time interval between backups, so the latest version of critical data – as well as any previous versions — is available for restoration. This is ideal if you have strict RPOs.

Employing CDP at our off-site facility gives you extra data protection since breaches, hardware failure, or other disasters may damage local backups. Protected data is sent over an encrypted tunnel to our off-site storage network.


  • Real-time data backup into our secure facility
  • Use of encrypted tunnel to transport data into the storage network
  • Click to restore data and images
  • Ideal for strict RPOs 

Choose Enzu Storge as a Service with  Off-site Continuous Data Protection to keep your data secure.

Enzu Backup as a Service (BUaaS)

Our Backup as a Service solution replicates your data in real-time to a secondary deployment of your application and/or server in our cloud. To activate, you simply repoint user access to the application or server running in our cloud. There’s no waiting for data backups to be restored or failover to a physical server in a remote location; you’re operating business as usual in minutes.

Enzu Backup as a Service is ideal if you’ve got specific applications or servers that just can’t go down, such as e-commerce sites or other financial systems. Compared to using physical backup, Backup as a Service is highly scalable. As your organization grows, so can your recovery systems. All you need to do is extend your service plan to get additional resources.


  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Uses a direct connection or encrypted tunnel to extend your infrastructure into our data center
  • Click to bring specific applications or servers online in the cloud
  • Sized to activate only mission-critical workloads on demand
  • Ideal for strict RPOs and RTOs on specific workloads


Choose Enzu’s On-demand DR in the Cloud if you have critical IT workloads that can’t go down.

Enzu Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Our Dedicated Disaster Recovery Data Center solution replicates your entire environment – servers, applications and data – in real-time at our data center facility. Failover to this “hot site” happens in real time in the event of a disaster. Dedicated DR Data Center is ideal if you need 100% uptime for your IT infrastructure.


  • 100% offsite failover data center
  • Uses a direct connection or encrypted tunnel to extend your infrastructure into our data center
  • BGP network synchronization
  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Real-time load balancing
  • Real-time failover

Choose Enzu’s Dedicated DR Data Center if all your systems need to work no matter what.

Choose Enzu’s Dedicated DR Data Center if all your systems need to work no matter what.

Why Choose Disaster Recovery as a Service Now?

Having a business continuity plan to address unplanned disruptions such as data breaches and cyberattacks is basic now. You must also account for planned disruptions that occur as your business grows. Learn why Enzu Disaster Recovery as a Service  is a cost-effective way to ensure a thriving company. 

Plan for the Unexpected

Consult with our DR specialists today.